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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNHSEPHSEP generic namespace, including basic processing tools
|oNECError code definitions
|oCArrayTemplate Array class that complements the base functionality found in an STL vector
|oCDamDefines a synchronization primitive that blocks any thread that call the wait method if the internal state for the primitive is "closed" and let them pass when the state becomes "open"
|oCDictionaryProvides a pair container where the key is a string and the content element is a pointer to a template definition
|oCDirToolOffers tools to work with directories in the file systems provided by the operating system
|oCDriverLibThe DriverLib is a special type of "Library" that will execute several standard exported functions to "acquire" several "instances" from the specified library
|oCBaseDriverSetBase class for DriverSet template with generic functionality
|oCDriverSetProvides a "set" of libraries sharing the same type of functionality
|oCNullReferenceExceptionException that is triggered when an attempt to obtain a reference on a non existing object is performed
|oCFileToolProvides accessories to read and write different types of structured files
|oCGateThe Gate provides a queued synchronization access control
|oCSharedGateMuti-process version of Gate
|oCHSEPObjectBase object to create state controlled objects (when it is necessary to understand if the have a valid state, and to check the last result provided by their methods)
|oCLibraryBase class encapsulating the operating system mechanism to load dynamic libraries and their exported functions
|oCLoggerToolProvides primitives to send messages to the operating system logs
|oCManagedBufferManaged Buffer to be used as a control center for a Shared Memory buffer
|oCExclusiveScopeRAII control for a Mutex
|oCScopeA Scope creates a RAII control structure protecting the execution for a particular function or "worker"
|oCSharedMutexDefines a type of mutex that can be used inside a Shared Memory area
|oCMutexProvides a basic inter-process synchronization mutex
|oCPosixExclusiveScopeDefines an ExclusiveScope that works directly on a basic pthread_mutex_t POSIX structure
|oCRegexpRegular expression processing, conforming with POSIX extended regular expressions
|oCRegexpCheckerProvides a basic "extended POSIX" regular expression match engine
|oCServiceThreadBase thread that must be inherited to provide useful functionality to a service
|oCServiceThreadFactoryThreadFactory that must be inherited to create a particular type of ServiceThread to be executed by the corresponding Service
|oCServiceCreates an operating system Service
|oCSharedMemoryThis class is work in progress ..
|oCStringToolProvides basic extensions on the stl string functionality
|oCThreadBase class to create thread aware classes
|oCLThreadSpecial type of "light" non movable thread that runs the lambda function has been provided in the constructor
|oCTimeToolOffer time related functionality
|\CContextSTFileTool internal reentrant structure for the FileTool class
oNHSEPDataOffers a database access subsystem
|oCDBData subsystem initialization
|oCDBMetadataFieldDescribes each field within a database operation
|oCCycleBaseA Cycle is a special type of class that permits to execute a method for each one of the elements returned on a query operation, maintaining a state that will survive each one of these executions
|oCNullCycleParticular Cycle type doing nothing
|oCQueryUniqueCycleParticular Cycle for usage when a query will only return one row
|oCDBResultSetThe result of a query operation
|oCDBStatementDefines the operation that will be performed by the database
|oCDBEnvironmentThis is, basically, a database session
|oCDBExceptionExtension to describe DBBase exceptions
|oCDBEnvironmentQueueOffers a queue-like storage for a DBEnvironment session pools
|oCDBStatementCatalogOffers a database statement catalog that will be used by the database infrastructure to manage reusable SQL statement definitions
|\CQueryRunnerThe general statement executor or (runner)
\NHSEPDataSqLiteHausmiSEP implementation for a Data Driver with access to an embedded SqLite database
 oCSqLiteResultSetSqLite DBResultSet implementation
 oCSqLiteStatementSqLite DBStatement implementation
 oCSqLiteEnvironmentSqLite DBEnvironment implementation
 oCRAII_mutexRAII Wrapper for a sqlite3_db_mutex
 oCSQLResultValueGeneric result type for sqLite
 oCSQLResultValue_IntParticular result type as an intenger
 oCSQLResultValue_StringParticular result type as a string
 \CSQLiteHeapSqLite has the capacity of using the program heap or its particular heap for every dynamic operation